Here is what previous attendees had to say!

“Finally a wonderful course on esophageal dysphagia!  I’ve been waiting for years for this information!  Ms. Huffman is exceptionally informed about esophageal dysphagia, including current literature on the subject.  She is also able to relate the information with knowledge and humor!  I will find all of the information useful- it will add tremendously to my treatment of persons with swallowing disorders.”

Cindy Ellermeyer, SLP, Grove City Medical Center

“Forward thinking with research to back up her practice- I think Julie is ahead of her times and very nice to be a part of learning this information.”  


“I want to tell you what a superb job you did on the esophageal swallow course at Rex last month.  You were worth the trip!   Been singing your praises since I returned.  Think you’re the only one out there that actually goes in depth on esophageal swallow.  Attended a Bedside and MBS review in Baltimore over the weekend – just to see what else was out there.  No where NEAR anything you present, naturally.  You speak to the SLP.  Your info was solid, educational, and the furthest from redundant.  You speak to the medical professional – and you do it beautifully!  But Raleigh’s a long haul!  Please let me know when you get closer to DC, Baltimore.  Want to return to hear a replay.  So much info – too little time!”

Susan I. Wranik Associates, L.L.C., Baltimore, MD

“The instructor was both supremely knowledgeable and extraordinarily competent.  Thank you for your independence of thought. Your example of persistence and self-delineation of approach and content was inspiring.” 


“This course was so wonderful and my brain is so happy and full- I can’t think of a thing I would change! This is the best and most useful course I have ever taken. Thank you!” 


“Both days of this course were great.  Julie is fabulous.  There have been so many courses where the time has just d-r-a-g-g-e-d on and I could not wait to get out- I have to say I wish this course was longer!  I learned so much!  I cannot wait to return to work and share and apply what I have learned with fellow SLPs, MDs and Radiologists… and my patients!  


 “This was one of the most rewarding and clinically functional courses I have attended.  It was excellent!”

Amanda Dean

“Julie presented in a professional manner, yet was funny and able to captivate interest for 8 hours both days! Her knowledge base is most impressive and refreshing.  The content is excellent and has not been covered in the general dysphagia seminars/ conferences.  This is the best course I have attended!  Content is useful, has practical application and good examples were provided.  My recommendations will certainly change as I delve into the responsibility I have regarding the esophageal function of the swallowing process.  Thank you, Julie!”

Theresa Paules, Evangelical Community Hospital, PA 

“Working in DD, this course confirmed what we have been dealing with with GERD/LPR, but gave us a tremendous amount of information to support the assessment for esophageal problems and assess for GERD especially when we don’t always get the support of our medical staff.  I’m so glad that FINALLY someone is addressing esophageal dysphagia!  Case studies; FEES and MBS videos were excellent and really helped to understand the info and visualize problems that were discussed.”  


“I loved all of this course.  I have a new way of thinking and a new approach that I will begin to integrate in my dysphagia therapy starting Monday.  I think all SLPs should take this course so we can all get ‘on the same page.’”  


“Wow, a lot of new information I have never been exposed to before. Your friendly, upbeat personality made it easy to listen to!  All information given was research based…. Great!”  Anonymous

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